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27 Years​/​Everything is Gonna Be OK!

by Dan Vallerand

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    Dan Vallerand's first recorded original pop music in 5 years, birthed because he had an existential crisis on his 27th birthday! If you think this is worth money to you, by all means pay what you want for this fresh single!
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Until today, 7/15/17, I haven't released anything original in a pop rocky vein since 2012. It has been a long five years. In that time I got an actual paying job, released my first collection of reinterpretations of friends' songs, formed a band, gained confidence, lost a band, lost my confidence, suffered an emotional and musical burnout, came back out of a burnout last March, began writing new songs and gradually getting back into the local music scene, forced myself to release projects I had been working on for two to three years, got nominated for and then won a MAMA award, gained confidence again, begun playing restaurants and even got out of the Valley a little, and dealt with a very large amount of emotional baggage, issues, heartbreaks, disappointments, and small personal victories here and there in the interim. During that time recording stuff at home also terrified me greatly. The equipment would sit there... untouched, unused, but all ready to go day after day, and I would just cringe with terrible anxiety about recording in general.

Then came 2017, a year filled with snowballing personal issues, most importantly dealing with moving back in with my parents because the rent got too high. I understand financially it's a good thing, but it is also extremely personally embarrassing for me, someone who thinks of himself as highly independent and self-sustaining. It is because of this (mainly) that led to the existential quarter-life crisis that birthed the A-side, "27 Years" - a song reflecting on growing older, yet feeling stuck in life in an unchanging Groundhog Day scenario. I should like to hope somebody will like this single, because by releasing this work, let it be known that Dan Vallerand is 100% back in business, over these snowballing issues, and is ready to get dangerous all over the Golden State!


released July 15, 2017

All songs written, composed, and performed by Dan Vallerand. Recorded at Dan's House during the weeks of July 3rd and July 10th, 2017.

Cover photo by Jack-Patrick Pruit.


all rights reserved


Track Name: 27 Years
27 years?
Feels like I've lived longer than that
I've felt and seen so many different things
And I outdid all of my expectations
Cuz part of me says I shoulda bit it long ago

But I've lived longer than I thought I would
And I've loved more than I thought I could

27 years
Gives me so much to think about...
Where am I going next? What could I be doing now?
And why aren't I moving forward like I know I should be
Life can be seen as tougher if you're an old soul like me

Still I've lived longer than I thought I would
And I've loved more than I thought I could

27 years
Oh, it fills me with such an anxiety
Trying to fit the right pieces
On to life's chessboard
Without going into check versus my own mind

And I've lived longer than I thought I would
And I've loved more than I thought I could
And I've done more than I thought I'd do
And I've learned more than I thought I'd ever knew

And I will not give up the fight
And I will not give up the fight
And I will not give up the fight...
Track Name: Everything is Gonna Be OK!
Another morning's come
Another breakfast's on my plate
It's the start of a brand new day, oh

Time's reset itself
And today I feel like I can make it
I can do better than yesterday, oh

So what's the point in always feeling low?
What's the use in always feeling down?
Everything's gonna be okay, hey

My batteries are recharged
I'm in better spirits
And I'm not letting the man steam roll me today

I'm not gonna give in
The skies are blue for a reason
Whatever my purpose is, I know I can fulfill it

So what's the point in always feeling doubt?
What's the use in always feeling beat?
Everything's gonna be okay, hey

The message is clear
I'm gonna strap on my boots and face it
Cuz I control my own destiny

It's up to me
I'm gonna dive bomb straight into the sun
And it's gonna be great, it's gonna be great

Oh, what's the point in always feeling alone?
What's the use in always feeling afraid?
Everything's gonna be okay

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